Health, law & order, transport and planning continue to be the issues most covered by the mainstream media.  Education matters such as promises of more schools and camps for students in Year 9 also get attention.

But what about other matters?  Integrity in government, protecting religious freedom, freedom of choice in education, support for the disadvantaged and even rolling back the radical abortion laws.  Not a mention!

Christians should look beyond the “WIIFM” paradigm  (What’s In It For Me?).  We need to look for leadership, for principled decision making and even some moral fortitude. Slick campaigns and smart words may be the stuff of TV commercials but we are called to be more discerning.

Take a look at the videos on this website of the Government and Opposition speaking to Church leaders, take the time to examine the 21 questions and answers from the Parties, and if there is one in your area, attend a candidates forum.

Renewed minds, informed minds and prayerful hearts will make for a better vote.