A Sunday reflection.

It was Remembrance day during the week. A time to pause and reflect on the incredibly high price paid by those that went before us, preserving and protecting our freedoms. It is sad to think that we may well lose these freedoms, we may see our Judeo-Christian foundations and heritage consigned to the dusty pages of history.  Why and how?

Firstly how.  There are those who would see marriage redefined, religious freedom eroded and life, both at its beginning and end, devalued.  Let’s be frank about it, if we let these changes slip in without a fight we have no-one to blame but ourselves.

Why?  Indifference and apathy.  The old story about the frog in the kettle fits our situation in the West so aptly. The forces gathered against us are organised, committed and passionate. Meanwhile the Christian sleeps on blissfully ignorant of the imminent danger.  I recently heard an MP say he was not worried about the future of Christianity per se, it would survive and indeed prosper, even under persecution.  He was however worried about Western democratic society.  He thought it might even be doomed.  We wouldn’t end in a blaze of nuclear war, but rather go under quietly, cowed by political correctness and a lack of courage and leadership.  I hope not.

ALL IS NOT LOST!  We can and must speak up, we can and must pray for our leaders and we must act ourselves.  We must spend less time watching TV and entertaining ourselves, more time with God and more time on our knees as it were. I have great hope that we can see our culture redeemed by the power of the gospel!

During this election period, why not skip your favourite TV show and come along with some friends to an ACL Candidates forum.  See and hear for yourself what candidates stand for, ask questions and get answers.  Just click on the “Candidates forum Events” button up and to the right. May God bless you.