Only 23 days to go, 15 candidate forums and lots to do!

Problems for both major parties today with the high profile gay Liberal candidate for Richmond pulling out and standing as an independent, and Bronwyn Pike upsetting parents by allegedly turning a school valedictory address into a political speech.

You will also note that all of the major and some minor parties have provided answers to our “21 questions”.  They are really worth a read, you will find some surprises in what the Greens have to say as well as some magnificent “spin” in some of the answers across the board.

Sorting out reality from spin is getting harder, this is why the voting record on conscience votes helps shed some light on issues as well as do the responses from the parties. In fact to get a full picture you might like to go for the trifecta.  Look at what the Government and Opposition say on the Make It Count videos, scan the responses on key issues in “Know What The Parties Think”  and if there is one being held in your area, attend a Candidate Forum.  You can check these out on the “Candidate Forum Events” button.

I look forward to posting a short update every day from now until Election Day.

Rob Ward