29 April 2010

Even more gratuitous interactive sex and violence could be coming to a Play Station or X-Box near you - or your children.

The video game industry is trying to convince State and Federal censorship ministers to lift the ban on this material by creating an R18+ classification.

Currently any computer game beyond an MA15+ rating is Refused Classification and therefore not allowed into Australia.

ACL regrets that it has seen deeply disturbing MA15+ clips of mass murder and gratuitous sex scenes in two of the most popular games on the market – Modern Warfare 2 and Grand Theft Auto.

We reluctantly provide a link to these offending clips to help people understand what is at stake and motivate people to action. WARNING: this link contains violent and sexual imagery.

If this is what is legal now, the mind boggles at the material that would be allowed in if the ban on R18+ computer games was lifted.

Despite this, the industry has duped thousands of parents into signing a petition calling for the creation of an R18+ category under the guise that it will protect kids.

But kids are already protected because this material is banned and there is no good reason why adults should be given access to interactive sexual and violent games which research shows increases aggressive behaviour – and therefore the risk that these acts will be played out in real life (anyone remember Columbine?).

The game industry has produced 89,000 signatures to be presented to the Standing Committee of Attorneys General when they meet in Melbourne next Friday May 7.

It is vital that we all act now. Please go to our Make a Stand campaign R18+ No Game and send an email right now to your Attorney-General. All you have to do is type in your postcode and shoot off a quick email asking him or her to retain the ban on R18+ games.