Your action today is crucial!

Since 1999 in WA, more than 25 babies have been born alive after abortion procedures attempted to take their lives. These babies have then been left to die.

When other premature babies receive world-class care to rescue and sustain them, these children were intentionally left helpless.

Still, the law continues to fail them by a clear lack of jurisdictional powers of oversight and investigation by any government or independent body. No cases have been reported to the Department of Child Protection, there is confusion as to whether these deaths are reportable to the Coroner and the Ombudsmen has claimed no jurisdiction to investigate. 

In no other circumstance does our world-class healthcare system leave Western Australians to die.

This must change – the lives of newborns must not languish in an administrative void.

Your support is urgently needed to tell the WA Parliament that this cannot continue.

We need your help in calling Parliament's Upper House to establish an Inquiry to investigate systemic failures.

In your email below please consider these concerning facts:

  • 27 babies have been left to die after surviving abortion attempts.
  • No agency has the jurisdiction to oversee or report these tragic deaths.

Please email the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs (SCEPA) before Tuesday Nov 7, 2017.

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