The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes news of a Queensland parliamentary inquiry into degrading sexualised material being taught in state schools under the guise of a national anti-domestic violence program.

WARNING: this media release describes sexually degrading concepts.

ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis said the inquiry into the so-called Respectful Relationship program and school-based sex education would be applauded by Queensland parents alarmed by the degrading concepts their children could be taught - often without their consent or knowledge.

“Shocking revelations about this program have emerged from Victoria where at least one teacher has refused to teach the program because of its lewd content,” Ms Francis said.

“I’m sure Queensland parliamentarians will be diligent to make sure Queensland children are not exposed to this sort of material at school.”

However, Ms Francis said the scope of the inquiry, to be undertaken by the Education, Tourism, Innovation and Small Business Committee, should be broadened to include an investigation into the controversial Safe Schools program.

“‘Safe Schools’ is promoted as an anti-bullying campaign for LGBTI students but teaches children that their gender is fluid and a social construct,” Ms Francis said.

Ms Francis said Queensland parents do not want programs such as Respectful Relationships and Safe Schools, taught to their children. 

“Queensland parents do not want to follow Victoria in making these programs compulsory in all state schools,” she said.

“Respectful Relationships is supposedly an anti-domestic violence program but exposes children to pornography and introduces them to degrading sexual acts which in no way teach respect.

“Exposing children to sexually degrading video content is not the way to develop a culture of respectful relationships.

“Teachers should not be placed in a position where they are forced to sexualise the children they are teaching on a day-to-day-basis.

“The fact that there is no parental consent or knowledge of these programs shows disdain of parents by the Queensland Government,” Ms Francis said.  

Last week, fresh concerns with Respectful Relationships were raised by Victorian teacher and mother of three, Moira Deeming, who courageously put her career on the line by refusing to teach it.

The $21.8 million program offers explicit animated videos to children as young as 12.

These videos communicate a barrage of degrading sexual content:

  • “Sex is not just intercourse. It’s anything you do to be sexual with another person….[one of the presenters sings:] ’I feel sexy on my pinky, I feel sexy on my chin, you don’t have to come in for the fun to begin’.”
  • Penis in vagina sex is not the only option to consider. “You don’t have to have an ‘inney’ and an ‘outey’. You can have two inneys or two outeys.” (There are visuals involving fingers to communicate this concept visually).
  • “If you’re mixing penises with bums, vaginas or mouths, you should really use a ‘party hat’ (i.e. condom).”

“The inquiry will provide an opportunity for the Queensland Government to heed parental concerns by removing inappropriate material from classrooms,” Ms Francis said.