The Australian Christian Lobby has condemned moves by the WA Government to remove surrogacy-law safeguards which would deliberately deprive children of their mother or father.

“WA Government plans that same-sex couples will soon be able to have children using a surrogate completely ignores the rights of a child to, wherever possible, be raised and loved by their biological father and mother,” ACL WA director Peter Abetz said.

“What is particularly disappointing is that before voting on same-sex marriage, Western Australians were repeatedly told that there would be no consequences and that a change to the Marriage Act would not affect children’s rights.

“Yet, less than a week after same-sex marriage became law, Western Australians are told by Health Minister Roger Cook that a consequence of SSM is that surrogacy laws must change.”

Mr Abetz said while the WA Government had set up a surrogacy inquiry, due to report back later this year, clearly it had already reached its own conclusion that safeguards that considered the best welfare of children should be scrapped.

“The Australian Christian Lobby does not support surrogacy and sperm or egg donations, whether altruistic or commercial, as it exploits women and hurts children, treating them as commodities,” Mr Abetz said.

“Same-sex marriage involving two men will, by its very nature and design, mean women outside of the relationship will be exploited and children denied their biological heritage.”

Mr Abetz said the Australian Human Rights Commission, anticipating same-sex marriage, has canvassed the possibility of lifting Australia’s prohibition on commercial surrogacy so that two men could acquire babies.

“We were told there would be no consequences for children and women as a result of redefining marriage. People should rightly ask where the demands of the LGBTIQ political movement end and will parliamentarians ever have the courage to say no to these ever-expanding demands?”