Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson for the dignity of women, Wendy Francis, said today society’s outcry against Donald Trump’s latest behaviour was long overdue.

“For too long our culture has tolerated sexist and misogynist attitudes towards women.

“Sadly what Donald Trump said is said routinely in football locker rooms and other contexts. These ideas are fuelled by outdoor advertising objectifying women and enabled by our pornography industry.

“And Bill Clinton has been given a leave pass by the media and society for decades for his appalling treatment of young women.

“It is good that we are finally drawing a line.”

Ms Francis said voters should begin looking for candidates for political office who did not buy into our culture’s sexualisation of young women through advertising, music videos and other forms of inappropriate entertainment.

“Whileever we have a ‘sex industry’ with its own political wing, the Sex Party, how can we ever hope to change inappropriate attitudes by men and boys towards women?”

Ms Francis said the outrage against Mr Trump would mean nothing if regulators continued to turn a blind eye to sexualised advertising.

“How can we possibly expect to stop the next generation of Donald Trumps and Bill Clintons when boys are socialised into pornography on-line at such an early age?

“This will be a moment of faux outrage if we do not drive deeper cultural change.”