Fuel change, stand for life: Help stop the slippery slope of state-sanctioned suicide in our nation

We are witnessing a disturbing trend in our society—a shift from biblical truth towards a “culture of death.” Instead of cherishing life as a sacred gift from God, euthanasia laws are being promoted as a solution to social and financial problems, as we have seen in the heartbreaking case of James “Jim” Mills in South Australia. This goes against the biblical teachings that death is an enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26) and that life is a precious gift from God (Genesis 2:7).

In 2023 so far, your prayers, advocacy and financial support of ACL’s work have made an impact. 

By God’s grace, and the faithful contributions of many, we’ve seen: 

  1. Prostitution law reform tabled in South Australia – a huge step for preventing sexual exploitation in prostitution
  2. Queensland recognise the lives of babies born alive after abortion
  3. Sophie’s Law pass to recognise deaths of unborn due to criminal conduct. 
  4. Drag queen “story time” events targeting young kids scrapped
  5. Morbid “Deddy Bear” plush toys and explicit “Welcome to Sex” book targeting young kids, pulled from shelves. 

But we can’t rest here – the work must go on!

We have just seen the ACT introduce the most permissive euthanasia laws in our nation.

It is time for our society to dispense with euphemisms and call Euthanasia for what it is, assisted suicide – the intentional termination of life. 

Your support today to meet a critical funding need will ensure that together we can continue to lobby MPs and run effective campaigns on these vital issues to protect you, your children, and our most vulnerable. 

We ask you to stand with us to achieve our end of year need of $963,902

By investing today, you’ll also help us continue to outwork planned campaigns to:

  • Oppose the slippery slope of access to state-sanctioned suicide (euthanasia)  Protect children from harmful gender ideology
  • Speak up against laws expanding access to abortion
  • Defend the human rights of babies who survive abortions
  • Reform prostitution to stop sexual exploitation of women
  • Prevent children from accessing hard core pornography

Thank you for giving your best today to empower these campaigns and defend your democratic rights to make the real truth public.

God bless you!

Michelle Pearse

Michelle Pearse
Chief Executive Officer

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