Accelerate the fight for your religious freedom

Now that Victoria has passed its shocking conversion bill, it’s vital to ramp up the fight for religious freedom.

Please give today to help meet the $300,000 goal to protect your right to worship, pray, speak out, and share God’s truth.

When you give, you’ll be helping to:

  • Showcase eye-opening stories about what happens when someone is prosecuted in the absence of religious freedom protections. You’ll be putting a human face on this issue, so that politicians and others who want to fight alongside you can understand the harsh consequences of failing to protect religious freedom.
  • Increase the reach of these stories and God’s truth by funding media campaigns including TV ads, to get the message of God’s truth out into the public and ensure that religious freedom is placed back on the political and cultural agenda.

Plus, your support will help to grow the impact of The Truth of It , which gives you an in-depth look at issues facing Australians and will help more people understand why it’s so important to fight for religious freedom.

Don’t delay – it’s time to accelerate the fight like never before.

So, please give generously today to get the word out and call for better legal protection so that you can continue freely sharing, living out, and teaching God’s truth without fear of prosecution.

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