Help ensure God’s truth is made public

Around the nation, states continually move to introduce more and more radical laws around religious freedom, freedom of speech, abortion, euthanasia, parental rights and other issues that deeply concern us as Christians.

Quick action is required to respond nimbly to the fight for truth… but there’s a funding gap that needs to be closed so this vital work can continue unhindered.

As an Advocate for Truth, your monthly gift will provide a consistent and continual supply of funds ready to fight for truth in the public squares and protect your freedoms.

Your regular monthly investment will empower actions like a quick and strategic response to make God’s truth public on major issues throughout the year.

Together, we have an unprecedented opportunity to make God’s truth heard, so more Australians, hungry for truth, can be reached at this unique moment.

So, please give wholeheartedly, because every gift, small or large, single or monthly raises a voice for God’s truth to transform our nation!

Martyn Iles
ACL Managing Director

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