Share God’s truth about Christmas

You can help take back Christmas
by sharing God’s truth with 500,000+ Australians

It’s been a tough year – so now’s the perfect time to give people hope by sharing the truth of God’s love with the Australian public!  

You can be part of an extraordinary outreach by joining with Christians nationwide to distribute 500,000 copies of Luke’s Gospel directly into people’s letterboxes and hands by Christmas. 

Your donation today is vital to help provide these Gospels that will impact so many by making God’s truth public.

It only costs $1 for you to give one person their own copy of this powerful Gospel.

You can help change many lives with this Gospel of Luke in the ESV translation – easy to read for people who’ve never read the Bible before.

How many households could you help reach with God’s Word this Christmas?

Whether you can provide 25, 50, 100, 500, or more copies of Luke’s Gospel, you’ll be part of this great effort to share God’s truth with people in half a million homes. 

Thank you for your generosity today to share the greatest gift of all … the Saviour of the world!

God bless,

Martyn Iles
ACL Managing Director

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