Help reach more people with God’s truth by taking The Truth of It LIVE to more cities in 2022

…by taking The Truth of It LIVE to more cities in 2022

There’s a great hunger for truth right now that is very significant. It has been many years since large venues were filled night after night with people who want to hear biblical truth. 

But that’s what happened in Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, and South Australia this year, with more than 18,000 people attending The Truth of It LIVE meetings to lift up the name of Jesus!

Now there are many more communities that are hungry for God’s truth – and you can help bring it directly to them, so their friends and neighbours can hear it as well.

Please give today to help take The Truth of It LIVE to more towns and cities in 2022, so that more Christians can be equipped to live boldly for Christ in the public squares.

Thank you for investing today to take God’s truth to more Australians – right where they live!

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