Media Release: Tuesday, 20 June, 2006

The ACL strongly opposed the suggestion that the Bracks' Govt might go it alone to introduce cloning if the Federal Government maintains the status quo.

“The Government would be well justified to conclude that nothing has changed in three years, that would cause it to revisit its previous decision on cloning,” said Jim Wallace, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby.

“Even if this were purely a business decision and not a moral one, governments would not be rushing further down the embryonic stem cell void, but encouraging research time and money into adult stem cell research, “ he said. “Mr Bracks speaks of not allowing our competitors to get ahead of us, but the only competitors making any head way on effective cures from stem cell research are using adult stem cells.”

The ACL claimed that the approach of the pharmaceutical and scientific lobbies in seeking cloning only a few years after the Parliament rejected it, was nakedly incrementalist.

“The whole approach brings back the images of fake cures on rats that characterised the original round of debate on this issue,” said Mr Wallace.

“Cloning is cloning, and trying to differentiate it by calling it ‘therapeutic cloning’ is a nonsense of equal proportion,” he said.

Contact: Jim Wallace