On this week’s episode of Voice for Values, ACL managing director Lyle Shelton packs-in two weighty interviews from his trip to Budapest, Hungary.

In part one, Lyle chats with Lila Rose from pro-life organization Live Action about the defunding of Planned Parenthood in the USA and the work of the Centre for Medical progress in exposing the lies of abortionists. Lila shared with Lyle the work of Live Action in providing “smart, compelling, facts” for people around the world to educate about the horror of abortion.

When asked about 9.5 million dollars of Australian Aid going to IPPF affiliates in the Pacific, and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s attempt to say the money won’t be provided for abortion, Lila said “if you give money to abortionists, you give money to abortion.”

She even had a message for the Australian Government: “Stop giving money to those that make a mockery of women and kill children committing human rights abuses… Any friend of abortion should not receive a single cent of international money”.

In part two, Lyle chats with Robert Lopez, one of the petitioners who filed an Amici Curiae brief in the Obergefell v. Hodges case, the case which led to redefinition of marriage in the USA.

Lopez was raised by his mother who was in a same-sex relationship and shared with Lyle his concerns about same-sex parenting and growing up without a father. “That is not an experience that I could in good faith allow the state to impose unnecessarily on other people, it is a loss,” he said.

They also discussed the growing intolerance from the same-sex lobby to anyone who disagrees with same-sex parenting and the redefinition of marriage.

“I never anticipated that the gay community would become as aggressive as it became, not only about raising their children after a divorce, but also going to adoption agencies and expecting to be given a child as a right.”

Lopez articulated the beauty of God’s design for human sexuality: “Christianity tells a story about what our purpose is sexually and what we were designed for. It’s a story that makes sense. It’s a story that is true and it’s beautiful. The idea of finding a helpmate, of the other half of humanity and coming together and becoming one flesh and flourishing, that’s something that you’re denying yourself if you go into this very enclosed claustrophobic world of homosexuality… Even if they feel an urge or an appetite, that is not what your soul yearns for.”

Listen to the podcast below.