France is hiding smiling children, and Australia may well be too.

I recently wrote a piece for Online Opinion about how France is banning smiling babies.

Recently, Lateline aired the below story about Aussie Mums being pressured to abort their Down Syndrome children.

The pressure to terminate these precious children is enormous.

This week a standing sub-committee of the Medical Services Advisory Committee, within the Commonwealth Department of Health, will begin assessing two more tests to ‘improve’ the screening of Down Syndrome babies.  The purpose is to determine if these screening tests can should be supported by public funding through the Medicare Benefit Schedule.

Should we really be paying for these babies to be terminated?  In the United Kingdom we are seeing people with Down Syndrome campaign the government to stop screening them out.  At the very least we shouldn’t be pressuring mothers to terminate otherwise healthy babies.

If there was an equivalent test for learning disabilities, or screening for autism, would we be comfortable offering it routinely? How far are we prepared to go for a ‘perfect’ child? Is this a form of eugenics? What is a ‘perfect’ child after all?

It really is time for us to rethink abortion, especially when adults who have a certain condition are campaigning for inclusion and for their diversity to be appreciated.  Usually diversity and inclusion are buzz words of equality movements but it seems that because babies can’t yet speak, we can’t yet hear them.

We must remember these babies were wanted until the diagnosis, and those who are born are shouting at us for inclusion.  Do we as a nation really want to spend millions of dollars to insure we never include them?