The Australia Christian Lobby is calling on the Victorian government to intervene in the state’s education and remove disturbing books that directs school kids to write suicide notes.

“Concerns raised by parents and experts such as Michael Carr-Greg and Joe Tucci about the content of books on the English reading list for 13 year olds cannot be ignored by the Education Minister,” said Victorian Director Rob Ward.

“The Minister cannot and should not micro-manage the program of every classroom but this is clearly a case where his intervention is justified,” he said.

“While debate rages about proper funding for mental health services and the vital role played by well-being teams in schools, it is incongruous to see this kind of material, with all the risks of being “suggestive” to troubled young people, being placed on the curriculum.

“Our young people need support, guidance and positive role models.  Being asked to produce a suicide note, even as an exercise in writing skills, sends the wrong message and would clearly place vulnerable children at risk,” he said.

Mr Ward said keeping this book on the reading list is contrary to common sense.