The NSW Education Department is propagating contested gender theory in a document that has been linked to the controversial Safe Schools program.

The Safe Schools Coalition has been spruiking the departmental document, entitled Legal Issues Bulletin No. 55, Transgender students in schools – legal rights and responsibilities’ to pre-service teachers, describing it as “your Bible” and “the best document that department’s ever written”.

The 10-page document stipulates a number of measures government schools must take to accommodate students identifying as transgender. 

It advises that gender identity ought to take precedence over biological sex when it comes to polices relating to school uniforms, overnight accommodation, enrolement in single-sex schools, toilet and change room factilies and participation in school sports:

ACL NSW Director, Mark Makowiecki, said that while sensitivity had to be shown to those who experience an incongruence between their biological sex and gender identity, he was concerned that the Education Department appeared ready to enforce Federal Government directives concerning the Safe Schools program while on the other hand it continues with its own questionable documents. 

“One need only look internationally to find examples where biological males are staking claims on female-only areas,” Mr Makowiecki said.  

“Entire cohorts of girls are being discomfited in the name of inclusion, the privacy they once had within their sex-segregated change rooms and toilets is being sacrificed on the altar of gender and sexual diversity.”

See Bulletin No 55 here.