It has been a few days since our last posting here, not because we have had nothing to report, but because there has been so much going on!

We know now that the Liberal–National Coalition has won the required 45 seats in the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) to form government and we offer our congratulations to them.  They have a huge task ahead of them after 11 years on the opposition benches. 

It is beginning to look as though they might complete a “clean sweep” by gaining control in the Legislative Council (Upper House) as well.  We will have to wait until next Monday or Tuesday before the VEC gives us the final numbers, but it looks like 21 Liberal, 16 Labor and 3 Greens.

The new Premier impressed us with his gracious comments about the outgoing Premier and the need for his government to be “humble”. Politics can be a grubby business as it involves power and authority, but as Christians we know that all real power comes from God. We hope that this attitude of humility and a passion to lead well becomes a hallmark of the new Victorian Government.

More details and a final wrap after the Council numbers are set next week.