One of the sad reflections on this campaign might be how it has denigrated to being personal rather than about the real issues. Did Ted Baillieu do anything wrong when the Real Estate company that bears his family name acted for the Government all those years ago?  I suspect not, but it seems as though just throwing mud is enough.

On the other hand the tit-for-tat bidding war continues, more paramedics from this party, an increase in funding for non-government schools, well “we will match that” is the mantra.

At our candidate forums the same issues come up again, law & order, abortion, public transport, care for the disadvantaged, the Greens push for euthanasia and gay marriage, all of these and more concern voters.  Yet it seems as though throwing money around is the answer for everything.  Personally I was pleased to hear some candidates speak about building respect for others in our society.  I sensed that there was great concern for the next generation growing up without real moral guidelines.  There is hope yet!

The possibility of a hung Parliament remains with us and today we called on Labor to commit to not doing a deal  with the Greens to hang on to power.  Of course the best way to avoid this is for one of the major parties to win outright.  Regardless of your feelings about Labor or Liberal, having the Greens pulling the strings, pulling our society down a path of radical Green politics is a real concern for many.

Don’t forget to vote early if you are away on Saturday!