With the actual date drawing even closer, the barrage of ideas, polices and statements are reaching fever pitch.  Everything from boot camp for students to 40 new trains, more hospital beds, more police and more promises keep on coming!

Some business commentators have expressed concern that Greens policies will harm the fragile economic recovery in Victoria after the GFC.  Many of their policies are  not yet costed, and one wonders where the money will come from.  This is of course quite apart from our worries over the social engineering tendencies of the Greens.

The ACL Candidate forums across the State are drawing larger numbers and more interest as the date gets closer.  Issues raised by those attending range from public transport, support for special needs children, the abortion law, help for pensioners struggling with rising utilities costs, euthanasia, freedom of religion, law and order on our streets and changes to equal opportunity laws.  Gay marriage has also been covered as has the Greens push to take funding away from Christian Schools.

Given the range of issues, and the often strong feelings aroused, ACL remains committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for candidates.