Women’s safety at risk in South Australian Government’s new sex-change law

Next week, the South Australian Government wants to pass legislation that allows a person to change their “sex” on their birth certificate simply by stating that they now ‘identify’ as the opposite sex.

A person won’t need to present themselves to the world as the opposite sex. They can simply say they ‘feel’ female or male. 

No sex-change surgery or hormone treatment will be required.

This bill has been rejected by Parliament once before.

The Weatherill Government wasn’t satisfied with the Parliament's decision last time so it is trying again.

In introducing the bill, Premier Jay Weatherill said:

“I remain strongly committed to ensuring that discrimination based on LGBTI status or gender is struck from our statute book. It is not good enough that we continue to have people feeling unsafe or undervalued in our community”.

What he doesn’t say is that women’s safety is being put at risk by men who legally identity as ‘female’.

Women’s groups are horrified.

They are worried by the thought that any biological male who identifies as female will have the right to access sex-specific spaces like bathrooms, domestic violence shelters and dormitories.[1]

Once sex is defined solely by how one feels about oneself as male or female with no basis in genetics or sexual development, the term “sex” on the birth certificate loses any concrete reference to objective biology.

Furthermore, the bill will provide a Trojan Horse for ‘same-sex marriage’ by allowing people to identify as the opposite sex in order to marry their same sex partner.

Will you join ACL now in writing to your parliamentarian about the consequences of this bill for all South Australians?

Use the text box below to create your own letter. Your own words have far more influence than a form letter. The letter will go to your House of Assembly MP & Legislative Council MLCs.

In your own words, please consider:

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  • Please vote against the Births, Deaths and Marriages (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill 2016
  • Birth Certificates should record the biological details and parentage of a newborn, not subsequent feelings about one’s own ‘gender identity’.
  • Enabling a biological male to change their “sex” on their birth certificate merely by stating that they now ‘identify as’ a woman puts women and children at further risk of male violence in domestic violence shelters, gymnasiums and toilets.
  • The Premier should not attempt to create ‘same-sex marriage’ by stealth through changing the birth certificate to be changed on feelings.
  • Despite the rhetoric of the Premier, this Bill is not about ‘gender equality’. It is about erasing any legal distinction between male and female – This will regress the cause of gender equality, disproportionately disadvantaging women and girls who require this distinction in order to feel safe be able in many private spaces. 
  • Integrity on birth certificates is essential for securing family and societal heritage. Changing established facts on birth certificates, upon request, is forcing public documents to incorrectly record important physical differences.
  • Ask the MP to vote against this Bill.