For release: 11 March 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby congratulates the Launceston City Council for their wisdom in rejecting yesterday’s same-sex marriage motion but today called for common sense and calm to prevail against the vitriolic attacks on them from Australian Marriage Equality’s Rodney Croome.

Australian Marriage Equality today published a disrespectful, intolerant, angry and very personal response to a reasoned and conscientious decision.

“Members of the city council acted in good conscience yesterday. In response they have been called a disgrace to the city, intolerant, and potentially guilty of the suicides of young people.

“This kind of vitriol is completely lacking perspective, intolerant in its condemnation of the good faith of our public officers and insulting to anybody who holds a different opinion” ACL Tasmanian Director, Mark Brown, said today.

“This has been an ongoing problem with the same-sex debate. Too often it is not a conversation, but shouting. Too often it is not tolerant, but intolerant in the extreme. Too often it is not rational, but angry.

When considered pro-marriage opinions were expressed by former Supreme Court Chief Justice and Tasmanian Governor, William Cox, Mr Croome called it, “A homophobic diatribe from an out of touch old man.”

“Marriage advocates yesterday participated in a democratic process with calm and conviction. This kind of response from the gay lobby could not be more different” said Mr Brown.

“We look forward to a day when this debate can be had with good sense, reason and courtesy.”