With debate having begun in the Senate on Bob Brown’s bill to return to the Territories the ability to legislate on euthanasia, ACL has re-launched the ‘Care not Killing’ campaign at the Federal level.

Please sign the online petition against euthanasia and write an email to your Senate representatives letting them know that you are opposed to any bill that would seek to devalue human life.

If Bob Brown’s bill were passed, euthanasia campaigners would turn their attention to the smaller Parliaments of Territories. These are perceived as ‘softer targets’ as they have fewer checks and balances than most State legislatures because they do not have Upper Houses.

A ‘victory’ for euthanasia supporters in any State or Territory would have national ramifications for our vulnerable elderly, sick and depressed citizens, with pressure falling on other Parliaments to follow suit.

‘Care not Killing’ is therefore one of ACL’s most important ever campaigns, and we ask that you not only sign the petition, but alert all your friends, family and colleagues to the dangers of Bob Brown’s bill and get them on board the campaign.