Euthanasia and Territory rights


Liberal National Coalition 

The underlying principle of the Liberal National Coalition in health services is quality of life, and this includes during end of life care. People should have access to quality palliative care and relief from pain and suffering. Where possible, they should be able to choose the extent of active medical treatment they receive.

Australian Labor Party

According to Labor’s National Platform, members of parliament are entitled to vote on matters relating to euthanasia and assisted suicide in accordance with their conscience. 

Australian Conservatives

The Australian Conservatives do not support euthanasia. These are matters for states to determine, and neither the Northern Territory or the Australian Capital Territory have demonstrated a capacity for self-governance and self-reliance sufficient enough to legislate on such grave matters. 

The Greens

The Greens are in favour of assisted suicide and believe Australia should legalise access to physician-assisted euthanasia. They also want to restore the Territories rights to legislate on assisted suicide.