Last night on the ABC’s Lateline programme, ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton reinforced the message that parliamentarians are repeatedly voting against euthanasia laws because it's not seen as safe, it's too dangerous and the safeguards cannot be put in place to protect the vulnerable, who might be coerced or pressured.

Also, the advances in palliative care have been seen to be quite adequate.

The Australian Christian Lobby has over the years submitted research to many state and federal parliamentary enquiries. The attached PDF is a summary of some of our findings from a broad cross-section of mainstream research.

“Where the inalienability of the right to life is no longer protected in law, then the general protection of the right to life of citizens is fatally compromised. Thus do governments fail the first test of government – to protect impartially the right to life of all citizens no matter how frail, damaged, or otherwise compromised such lives may be”.

Dr. John I. Fleming, Director, Southern Cross Bioethics Institute, submission 311, Tasmanian Community Development Committee (1998), Report on the Need for Legislation on Voluntary Euthanasia.