Councils decide important matters. The upcoming local government election on Saturday 28 March gives communities a direct voice as to who will provide leadership in their suburb. It is the primary means of holding local governments to account and ensuring representation that is reflective of community values.

ACL have asked the candidates running for 10 local government areas where they stand on issues that pertain to the wellbeing of our children. From these questions we've created a 'Child Protection Index' (CPI) score below.

Issues covered include: life, libraries, domestic violence, advertising. Each question had a score of 0-4 with a maximum total score of 10. A score of 10 = the highest child protection, ie the longer the bar, the better we rate that candidate.

If there is little or no information for your council candidate it's because they didn’t respond.

Cast your vote on what really matters.

Bundaberg Regional Council

Cairns Regional Council

Ipswich City Council

Gold Coast Council

Lockyer Valley Council

Logan City Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Redland City Council

Toowoomba Regional Council

Townsville City Council

So, how did they go? Every vote counts!