You can help put a stop to Human trafficking in WA. Attend this online meeting, raise your awareness and take action!

Western Australia’s prostitution laws are not being enforced because the police find it hard to get convictions. The result is that human sex trafficking is increasing throughout WA – from Busselton to Kununurra.

There is a simple solution. This has been implemented in a number of countries, from Sweden to France, Canada and Israel. With a state election coming up in March 2021, it is time to let our MPs know that we are looking to them to bring in legislation based on the tried and tested Nordic Approach. It is simple: it makes it an offence to purchase sexual services. This simple change in law results in a massive decrease in demand, making human trafficking pointless.

Raise your awareness

WA Director Peter Abetz and Scandinavian Human Rights lawyer Lisa Olsson will raise your level of awareness. Lisa will show how the Nordic Approach law reform of 1999 in her home country of Sweden saw a massive decline in prostitution and human sex trafficking and provided exit programs for women to leave prostitution.

Peter will be sharing what he learnt from visiting 10 countries over 20 years to see first-hand the consequences of various approaches to dealing with prostitution. There is no doubt that the Nordic Approach is the only proven way of massively reducing human sex trafficking and prostitution

Read more about the Nordic Model >>

Take action

You will get the opportunity to write letters to your MPs and we will also organise visits to MPs.

Be part of the action to bring an end to human trafficking in WA!

ACL is partnering with Adopt Nordic WA Inc to host this ‘Human trafficking awareness and action' event.

RSVP to receive the link to join us online! (time is Perth time, WA)

April 17, 2020 at 7:30pm - 9pm
Peter Abetz ·
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