Lying about the cause of death on a death certificate is no way for the Victorian Government to win the public’s trust on its controversial assisted suicide laws, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Reports this morning that a government euthanasia taskforce will today recommend that death certificates be falsified so that death by the administering of a lethal substance is hidden should concern all Victorians, ACL Victorian Director Dan Flynn said.

“If euthanasia policy cannot be grounded in truth, what other lies will be told to justify life or death decisions if this becomes legal?” Mr Flynn said.

“Public trust in the recording of cause of death is paramount. If doctors and families are allowed to legally conspire to hide the cause of death, how can the elderly and vulnerable have confidence in the system,” Mr Flynn said.

A Dutch woman who was mentally ill was recently held down by family members while a doctor administered a lethal substance.

“There are many examples from Belgium and Holland of euthanasia laws being abused. If death certificates are allowed to be falsified, this will take us into very dangerous ground,” Mr Flynn said.