16 July 2015

Abrahamic faith representatives met together in Brisbane on Wednesday 15th July to reaffirm their commitment to, and the value of, the traditional concept of marriage for the benefit of our society, for people as individuals, and for children.

A statement was released following this meeting of minds which reads:

“We subscribe to the view held by the majority of humanity, represented by the Abrahamic faiths, and that is a commitment to the traditional concept of marriage.”

Representatives included (from left to right in the photo supplied):

  • Rev Dr Peter Francis, Vice-Principal Malyon College

  • Alan Baker, President of Queensland Family Council and member of the Mormon Church

  • Wendy Francis, Qld State Director of Australian Christian Lobby

  • Wes Leake, Business Blessings

  • Associate Professor Mohamad Abdalla, Director of the Griffith Islamic Research Unit, Griffith University

  • Geoffrey Bullock, Qld Director of Family Voice Australia

  • Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization Inc

  • Matt Prater, Senior Pastor New Hope church

  • Father Anastasios Bozikis, Greek Orthodox Community of St George

  • Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate for Family First in Queensland

  • Margaret Naylon, Roman Catholic Commission for Ecumenism and Inter-religious Relations

ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis welcomes the statement. “This is an important demonstration that preserving marriage is a concern shared throughout our diverse multicultural community.”

Materials circulated at the meeting included a booklet written by Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen – “There is more than this” available from www.universal-ethics.org  and “Timeless – marriage and public policy” available from Australian Christian Lobby - http://www.acl.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Marriage-Brief-single-pages.pdf

Media contact: Wendy Francis – via 0437 590 253