The Family First political party has indicated that MPs and Senators who vote in favour of same-sex ‘marriage’ will be highly unlikely to receive its preferences at next year’s federal election.

Speaking with ACL this afternoon, Family First’s National President, Bob Day AO, says any member from either side of politics who voted for this “would make it hard for Family First to preference them”.

Votes on two bills brought by Labor Senators and a Labor MP are expected next week.

During debate in Parliament this week, MPs from both sides of politics said they expected same-sex marriage to be voted down.

This would bring to an end the long-running and divisive debate which has been engineered largely by the Greens political party and in the process damaged Labor’s brand.

ACL is not a political party and maintains a non-party partisan stance. However, it encourages the Christian constituency to look closely at party platforms and individual candidates before they vote.