Fearless – Eric Metaxas East Coast tour

Eric Metaxas will be appearing at the following events:

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Eric Metaxas east coast tour

There’s no doubt it is becoming harder to be a Christian in Australia.

Elite opinion mocks faith.

Some activists seek to silence Christian voices.

Media often scoffs at anything that has even a trace of timeless, Christian faith.

But our nation has been blessed and shaped by the transforming power of the gospel.

Christianity has shaped our morals, our institutions and our laws. Everyone has benefited.

So does faith still have a role to play in public life? In these uncertain times we can draw hope and courage from the fearless conviction of Christian heroes who have been motivated by faith in God to shape their societies for good.

By cultivating courage we can together be a voice for values and shape our nation’s future.

New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas has penned biographies on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce. His books, 7 Men and 7 Women explore the great contribution of fearless Christian heroes to their time. He brings compelling, modern insights from these examples of courage and has an urgent yet winsome message for Christians today.

Join us in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney as we unpack what it means in modern Australia for Christians to remain fearless in our time.


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