Media Release: Wednesday, 7 February, 2007

The Australian Christian Lobby today welcomed the Federal Government’s strong stance against the ACT Government’s Civil Partnerships Bill as an important win for the institution of marriage.

“Marriage should be promoted for its proven benefits to society and the natural benefits it provides for children, not undermined as the Stanhope Government has been continually seeking to do,” Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director, Jim Wallace, said today.

“We would expect that Federal Labor would continue to promote marriage in the same way as the Government has been doing and not allow homosexual activists to try to set the models for living in society.

“We are not opposed to the removal of unjust discrimination for homosexuals where it exists, but all practical discrimination against same sex couples has already been removed in the ACT. Mr Stanhope is simply pursuing an unpopular social engineering crusade.”

Contact: David Yates