With even five-year-olds now targeted by rainbow activists who want them to think their mum might be their dad, it is timely to reflect on some good in the world.

The Olympics have provided great respite from the madness going on in our politics.

None more so than the Fiji Sevens team winning the islands nation’s first ever gold medal.

When I was younger, I had the privilege of visiting Fiji many times. We stayed with the people in villages around the coast of Viti Levu, down in the Rewa Delta and even in remote Navucini (I’ve probably spelled this wrong).

This video shows how so many of these amazing people, once a race of brutal cannibals, now worship Jesus.

Their nation is not perfect (neither is ours), but there is no doubt Jesus was the game changer for them.

To hear these men humbly giving glory to God for their gold medal triumph brought memories flooding back.

These are the harmonies you will hear from people sitting under corrugated iron propped up by bamboo poles on mats woven from coconut palm leaves, the hum of a generator powering an electric light in the background.

They are people who are truly & simply reliant on Christ and not ashamed about it.

It is arrogance, hard heartedness & plain lack of journalistic curiosity that much of our media could not bring themselves to report what was going on in this extraordinary Olympic moment.

Memories of playing touch rugby with Fijian friends on a rough paddock in a remote village or on the beach at the Coral Coast with Beqa Island watching from out of the sea, live long in my mind.

There is a reason this race of rugby nuts have won a gold medal & why they just laughed at skinny white boys like me.

God bless Fiji Islands.