It has taken less than a week for Coopers Brewery to go from supporting the Bible Society to supporting Australian Marriage Equality.

And the tactics of the same-sex marriage lobby have been on full display for all Australians to see.

By now we all ought to be able to recite the same-sex marriage playbook from memory – bullying, intimidation, boycotts and threats.

That’s how the same-sex marriage lobby hopes to win over the hearts and minds of Australians.

But Coopers was just the tip of the iceberg.

Today the next step in the campaign to change Australia’s marriage laws was revealed and it is every bit as ugly as the whole Coopers saga…

Coopers was just the beginning

In today’s Australian we learn that corporate giants like QANTAS have been ‘lobbying’ senior executives to sign an open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pressuring him to break his election commitment on marriage.

Here’s how The Australian have described the campaign to lobby business executives:

The senior executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the intense preparations for the letter had included a complicated “telephone tree” and “buddy system” of chief executives, with specific business leaders being assigned colleagues to convince, but said it was possible some chiefs of smaller organisations or suppliers might have felt bullied. “Instead of a corporate buddy system, it could look like a corporate bully system when a bigger corporation wanted the CEO of a smaller corporation to sign up, especially if they were a supplier,” the executive said.

Yet another example of the consequences of change

These two cases of corporate bullying are just the latest examples of the consequences Australians face if our marriage laws are changed.

They add to a growing list of LGBTI activists bullying and intimidating their opponents into silence.

Whether its parents being denied a say over whether their kids are taught the radical so-called “Safe Schools” gender fluidity program, or church leaders like Archbishop Julian Porteous being hauled off to a human rights commission for teaching about marriage, we are seeing more and more of the dark side of the same-sex marriage rainbow.