In Hans Christian Andersen’s short tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, it took a young boy to say what everyone knew but was too afraid to say.

In the Biblical story of David and Goliath, it took a boy with courage to stand before a giant. David was armed with nothing but a sling and five smooth stones.

These two morality tales, which are deeply imbedded in our culture, serve to remind thinking people everywhere that nothing is inevitable.

If Australia is to be spared the injustice of a redefinition of marriage, it will take courage from all of us to keep speaking. This is not a time for silence.

It can be done and the next two months before our Parliament resumes on August 10 will be crucial.

Australian politicians like Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull are rejoicing that five unelected US judges have redefined marriage for the whole of the United States.

But like so many who have been seduced by the slick campaigning of the gay lobby and its friends in the media, they have not stopped to think.

The five judges overturned the democratic votes of more than 50 million Americans in 31 States which have voted to keep marriage as between one man and one woman.

Only 11 states permitted same-sex marriage through legislative or voter action.

Everywhere else, judges have made the decision for the people on behalf of the homosexual lobby. America, the land that gave us “we the people”, has ceded its democracy to “you the judges”.

The Supreme Court finished what could not be achieved democratically. Remember that even California voted against gay marriage at a referendum.

By applauding the five judges, Mr Shorten and Mr Turnbull are buying into their view that traditional views about marriage are demeaning.

Justice Kennedy, whose swing vote on the Supreme Court broke the deadlock between the nine judges said in his judgement: “…laws excluding same-sex couples from the marriage right impose stigma and injury…”

Really? If that is what Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull believe about Australia’s Marriage Act, where does that leave those of us who will always dissent to the new definition? Where does it leave us if we want to teach our kids the truth about marriage in defiance of the state’s lie that it is fine to deliberately remove a child from one of its parents?

Where does it leave faith-based schools who will always want to teach children the truth about gender complementarity in marriage?

Will they be teaching bigotry? This is the logical conclusion of the movement to redefine marriage.

Because of reasoning like Justice Kennedy’s, Australia’s most prominent homosexual activist, Rodney Croome, wants it to be illegal for Christian schools (and presumably Islamic schools) to teach children a view which dissents from his definition of marriage.

It is wrong for a child to be denied its mother or father. This is a necessary flow-on effect of “marriage equality”.

The human rights commissioner Tim Wilson, a same-sex attracted man, released a report recently calling for same-sex marriage and the liberalisation of Australia’s surrogacy laws.

In championing freedom for same-sex attracted people, Mr Wilson denies a child the right to his or her mother or father.

Surrogacy is inherently exploitative. It leaves a mother with milk in her breasts but her baby in the arms of other people.

No one denies that two men can love a baby, but is it right for those men to deny that child her or his mother?

No one denies that two women can love a baby, but is it right for a child to be denied a father?

Kids miss out on parents because of tragedy or desertion. They should not miss out because of government policy.

The five US judges got it wrong. In wanting to abolish gender from Australia’s Marriage Act, Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull are wrong.

So what now?

We have six weeks before Parliament resumes.

We need lots of people to respectfully call out “the emperor has no clothes”.

We need people with courage to stand against the giant.

Here’s four things you can do.

  1. Get the conversation going. Download ACL’s Timeless brochure and Facebook it so all your friends are equipped with the basic reasons for preserving marriage.

  2. Email your local member of Parliament

  3. Get some friends together and go and visit your local federal member of parliament. This is a participatory democracy. It’s time to participate.

  4. Pray.