Opposition Leader Bill Shorten should say whether or not he has confidence in “Safe Schools” founder Roz Ward after she used Facebook to call the Australian flag “racist”.

Mr Shorten has pledged that if he becomes Prime Minister he will continue funding for Ms Ward’s program which teaches children as young as four that their gender is fluid and encourages schools to allow boys identifying as girls to use the girls’ toilets and change rooms.

Ms Ward, a self-avowed Marxist who believes in deconstructing gender norms, yesterday resigned as an adviser to the Victorian government after posting on Facebook that the Australian flag was ‘racist’.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton called for Ms Ward to also resign from the Safe Schools Coalition of Australia National Steering Committee.

“The irony is that ‘Safe Schools’ founder Roz Ward’s belief that the Australian flag is ‘racist’ is the least harmful of her extreme views.” Mr Shelton said.

“Parents are still largely unaware that this program encourages teachers to stop using ‘he’ or ‘she’ in the classroom and encourages age-inappropriate role playing in the classroom exploring homosexual relationships.”

Mr Shorten should say whether or not he will keep Ms Ward on the Safe Schools Coalition of Australia National Steering Group.

This group already has people on it from the Minus 18 organisation which provides information to girls on how to bind their chest so their breasts are supressed and boys on how to tuck their genitals so they can look like girls.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham recently ordered “Safe Schools” to stop promoting Minus 18’s penis tucking and chest binding instructions but ironically its representative remains on the National Steering Group.

“Because Safe Schools has not been adequately reported on television, most parents are unaware of its work,” Mr Shelton said.

“With Bill Shorten vowing to fund ‘Safe Schools’ if he becomes Prime Minister, Australian parents and grandparents should carefully consider their vote at the July 2 election,” Mr Shelton said.


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