We were told it would not come to this but it's looking more likely.

In Massachusetts, the first State in the US to redefine marriage, three women have had a lawyer draw up an arrangement that in their eyes says they are 'married'.

Polygamy remains illegal in Massachusetts but if we follow the 'equal love' logic it is hard to see why.

Using an anonymous sperm donor and IVF, Kitten became pregnant and she, Brynn and Doll claim the unborn child as their own.

Kids miss out on a dad because of tragedy or desertion but media and elite cultural acceptance means what the 'throuple' (their word) is doing is no big deal.

If love is all you need gender and nature's numerical norm does not matter to a child.

Even former High Court judge Michael Kirby, a vocal supporter of redefining marriage, is honest about this.

Asked at the 2012 Senate inquiry into the failed bill to redefine marriage whether polygamy would be next, Mr Kirby said that question was not before the parliament but added that these things are "step by step".

The political campaign to change marriage has hit a democratic road block with the parliament unwilling to change.

How Kitten, Brynn and Doll choose to live their lives is up to them. But public policy affects us all -  especially voiceless children.

There is pressure on our parliamentarians to cave in.

But by remaining in the discussion, we can dodge redefining marriage and its logical consequences.