10 July 2015

No right thinking person supports homophobia but by signing up to so-called ‘team equal’ the three football codes are marginalising millions as lesser Australians, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

“All Australians should be free to disagree with the same-sex political agenda to change marriage without being marginalised by the administrating bodies of the sports they love,” ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said.

Mr Shelton was commenting on today’s announcement that the AFL, the NRL and the Football Federation of Australia will attach their logos to an advertisement in tomorrow’s Weekend Australian Magazine supporting the abolition of husband and wife in the Marriage Act.

“The hashtag ‘team equal’ might suit the wishes of some adults, but it is not good for the donor conceived child living under ‘marriage equality’ whose right to a relationship with his or her mother or father is not protected.”

Mr Shelton, whose three sons play junior AFL, said millions of families who believe children have a right to have a relationship with both their parents will be marginalised.

“Sport has always united Australians. It should not be used to divide us,” Mr Shelton said.

“While sporting bodies and companies have a right to express a political opinion, they should also consider the impact on their constituents who take a different view.

“To suggest that the millions of Australians who believe the timeless definition of marriage are not on ‘team equal’ is to marginalise them as lesser Australians.

“We all support equality. Who doesn’t? But if ‘marriage equality’ has the consequence of creating injustice for children who will be denied relationship with their natural parents, people are well within their rights to oppose change to the law without being ostracised by the administrating bodies of the sports they love.

“According to the UN, marriage is a compound right to found and form a family. Already the debate about same-sex marriage is driving calls to further liberalise restrictions on ethically dubious surrogacy and artificial reproductive practices.

“No right thinking person supports homophobia but implying that the only team to be on is the one supporting a redefinition of marriage and family is not the way to address this,” Mr Shelton said.