Media Release

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Media reports citing Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser as claiming that Health Minister Geoff Wilson attended an Australian Christian Lobby Leaders forum at the 2009 election are incorrect.

ACL’s Queensland Director Wendy Francis said Mr Wilson did not attend such an event in 2009 because no leaders’ Make it Count event was held, as Mr Fraser is reported to have claimed.

“At the 2009 election the Premier declined to participate in our Make it Count event as she has done again this time. Because the Premier’s office and the Qld Labor campaign office delayed and delayed until it was too late, no forum was held at the 2009 election,” she said.

“It is simply a misrepresentation that Geoff Wilson attended our leaders’ forum in 2009 because it was not held because Qld Labor did not cooperate,” she said.

She said the constituency appreciated Mr Wilson’s exercise of his conscience in voting against Mr Fraser’s same-sex civil unions legislation but ACL’s leaders’ forums were for the leaders.

“At state elections in Tasmania, Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria we have had the Premier or Deputy Premier and Opposition Leader at our Make it Count leaders’ forums.

“Our Federal Make it Count events at the past two elections have featured Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders,” Ms Francis said.

“Queensland is the only state where Labor refuses to engage the Christian constituency at ACL Make it Count events.

“We are disappointed by this because we believe the Christian constituency is a significant one that is interested in the good governance of the state.”