Lyle Shelton, 6 May 2010

Christian Management Australia (CMA) has released a free 24-page publication, titled “CMA’s Essential Standards for Ministry Governance”.

The succinct A5 publication addresses 16 principles and 111 standards that should be true of ministry boards. The publication is intended for board members of Christian churches, schools and ministries of any size, and is available at no charge in either electronic or printed format.

CMA National Director, Gary Williams, explains that, “while many Christian organisations aspire to higher levels of board effectiveness, it can be hard to find standards against which to measure.

These ‘Essential Standards’ cover the basics, from a Christian perspective. They are deliberately not an expression of ‘Best Practice’, because Best Practice can sometimes be too much of a leap in a single step.

These standards instead represent an interim step on the path to Best Practice, and offer something that is achievable for organisations of any size.”

CMA is a non-profit membership association for Christian leaders and managers. The standards contained in the booklet are being addressed as part of CMA’s Gold Coast Conference in June, and copies of the booklet may be ordered at no charge from their governance site at