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Last Sunday the president of La Manif Pour Tous (meaning the protest of the demonstration for all) addressed those who attended the peaceful mass rally against the government's decision to legalise same-sex marriage. La Manif Pour Tous said over a million people marched in the event. The ACL's Katherine Spackman interviewed Sydney representative of La Manif Pour Tous on the Political Spot (see interview here)

A copy of the speech by Ludovine de la Rochère has been published on First Things.

We Will Surrender Nothing

Dear all,

There you are, such an enormous crowd—thank you!

Thank you to all the volunteers of La Manif pour Tous, in Paris, in the provinces too; and of course our spokespeople, among them the first of all, Frigide Barjot. You made possible our Manif pour Tous.

Thank you to intellectuals, jurists, union members, researchers, doctors, elected officials, all of whom have taken up our case. They had the courage to engage in free and independent thought.

Thanks most of all to you! The French of the metropolis, those overseas and abroad. You have the energy that was necessary to raise us up yesterday and today. And tomorrow you will lift us up also!

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