The Australian Christian Lobby has called on the NSW Government to investigate fresh revelations that Safe Schools radical gender theory was still being taught in preschools and primary schools, in contravention of a Federal Government directive.

ACL NSW Director Mark Makowiecki said the admission by Safe Schools Coalition project officers that they continue to work with NSW students transitioning in preschool and primary schools, would be seen as a serious breach of trust by parents.

“Encouraging teachers to keep parents in the dark if their children are exposed to Safe Schools material also demonstrates how Safe Schools personnel are willing to ignore funding conditions imposed by the Federal Government,” Mr Makowiecki said.

“Since March, parents have been seeking assurances from the NSW Government that their children are safe from Safe Schools gender ideology and that the Federal Government’s directives have been implemented.

“More than seven months have passed since the Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham ordered the removal of Safe Schools from primary schools following a national outcry against the program which teaches that gender is fluid and only a social construct.

In June, the ACL urged the NSW Government to provide clarity on whether it had taken steps to eradicate the program from primary schools and if all directives from Minister Birmingham were being implemented.

In September, a petition signed by 17,000 people against Safe Schools, was presented to the NSW Parliament.

“The community is deeply concerned with the ideology that is behind Safe Schools,” Mr Makowiecki said. 

“The onus is on the NSW Government to demonstrate to the community its commitment to providing a school environment that is free from contested gender theory.

“This is not the first time that Safe Schools has fallen foul of the Federal Government directives,” Mr Makowiecki said.

In October, following questioning at Senate Estimates by Nationals Senator John Williams, Mr Birmingham ordered the removal of material that promoted Minus 18, from the Education Department’s Student Wellbeing Hub, which houses the Safe Schools material.

Minus 18 is an organisation that provides instruction to children on penis tucking and chest binding.

The research underpinning Safe Schools was recently discredited in a report by Sydney University Professor Patrick Parkinson who warned that it was flawed and misleading.

A new report from the Australian Christian Lobby reveals how the Safe Schools program has resulted in bullying in schools for anyone who questions the LGBTI agenda.

Mr Makowiecki said while parents could push back against gender ideology in schools everything would change if same-sex marriage was legalised.

“If you take gender out of marriage you take gender out of sex education and you take gender out of school toilets,” he said.