Fridays with Francis

Introducing Fridays with Francis – Australian Christian Lobby’s media series that takes a dive into the world of politics and culture with Wendy Francis, ACL’s National Director of Politics.

In this series, Wendy provides unique perspectives on important issues that impact us all. From the latest policy developments to cultural trends, Fridays with Francis will inform and empower you to stand for truth and righteousness across the nation.

Latest Episodes

Episode 21

In this new episode, Wendy discusses the impact on Australia of our nation’s abortion laws and stresses the importance of our collective voice in advocating for life – there are ways you can make a difference right now!

Episode 20

In this episode of Fridays with Francis we focus on Channel 7’s recent Spotlight program titled ‘de-transitioning’. The episode bravely shines a light on the irreparable damage being done to a generation of confused kids wrongly diagnosed as transgender. This isn’t just a must-watch; it’s a call to action for all who care about the future of our next generation.

Episode 19

In this week’s episode, we delve into Australia’s dark past of exploiting women for prostitution – a harrowing reality that has persisted through time, destroying lives and stealing human dignity. It’s a subject that calls loudly for our collective awareness, courage, and decisive action.  The good news is that there are emerging rays of hope and change, including the ground-breaking introduction of the Equality Bill in South Australia, leading our nation in prostitution legislation reform.

Episode 18

As The Sound of Freedom screens around the nation, join Wendy in this latest episode to unmask the truth behind the sex trafficking trade – a form of modern-day slavery on the rise worldwide. Discover the murky but very real links between pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking, and be empowered to be a voice for change. Let’s take a stand and pray together that this film will herald a new ‘Wilberforce moment’ that sees this evil practice abolished. To learn more about the sexualisation of our society and how you can take action visit

Episode 17

Freedom to preach, pray & counsel under attack: In this week’s episode of Fridays with Francis, Wendy delve’s into an alarming issue that touches the core of our values as parents, citizens, and believers.

The NSW government’s intention to introduce conversion therapy laws has far-reaching implications that we must not ignore.

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Episode 16

In this episode, Wendy Francis shares about the deeply moving event ACL hosted in our national Parliament.

It was a historic day as thousands of prayer-soaked, hand-knitted baby booties were placed reverently on the lawns of Parliament. These booties represent babies who survived abortions and were born alive but tragically left to die without any medical assistance.

It’s a tragedy that more than one baby is born alive every week in Australia following an abortion and allowed to die without any medical care.

Responding to this devastating reality, three Senators from different parties have introduced the Human Rights (Children Born Alive) Protection Bill, which is currently being considered in the parliamentary committee process.

Watch today’s powerful episode and find out how you can join the fight to save the lives of our country’s youngest citizens.

If you would like to register to purchase a choose life t-shirt just, register below.

Episode 15

This week in Fridays with Francis, Wendy launches a campaign to remove harmful children’s books from school and public libraries.

ACL’s vision is for the innocence of every Australian child to be protected from inappropriate reading material in taxpayer funded public libraries. Protecting kids from explicit material shouldn’t be controversial.

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Episode 14

In this episode, Wendy addresses the implications of the rise in anti-Christian sentiment in Australia – from Big W selling indecent books on sex to children, to the government’s misinformation bill. It can be disconcerting to witness the changes in our society as our nation turns away from God.

However, Wendy encourages us that despite the challenges, we are presented with the opportunity to stand firm in faith, anchored by God’s unwavering strength. Together, we can fearlessly represent Him in the public square, undeterred by the prevailing storms of life.

Join us for a message of hope and encouragement. Together, we can navigate through any hostility, guided by the love and hope we have in Jesus.

Episode 13

The Albanese Government’s Misinformation and Disinformation Bill poses a grave threat to our democratic rights and free speech. Join Wendy Francis, ACL’s National Political Director, as she exposes the shocking reality and why we must oppose this dangerous bill.

This bill has the potential to enforce ideological conformity on Australia.

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Episode 12

In this episode, Wendy presents the Welcome Home Project. A nationwide community of Australian Christians who participate in sponsoring and settling refugees through the government-funded CRISP program (Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot).

Discover the practical support and sense of community that comes from this initiate and experience the power of compassion when a warm “welcome home” is extended to those in need.

Click the link below to learn more and be part of this meaningful endeavour, providing opportunity to fulfil the biblical mandate of loving your neighbour and welcoming the stranger.

Visit The Welcome Home Project to learn more

Episode 11

Join the fight to shield our children’s innocence in this digital age!

In this episode of Fridays with Francis, Wendy tackles the alarming issue of online dangers facing children and the need for age verification legislation in Australia. Discover valuable insights and actionable steps!

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Together, let’s work to creating a safer online environment for future generations. Let’s protect our children from harm!

Episode 10

Wendy Francis informs on the latest developments regarding the alarming takeover attempt of the Catholic Calvary Hospital in Canberra, Australia.

The ACT government’s disregard for democratic processes and religious freedom is causing nationwide outrage.

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Episode 09

Join Wendy Francis as she explores Reconciliation Week amidst the dynamic discourse surrounding the referendum and the proposed Voice to Parliament.

As the referendum approaches, concerns arise across the country regarding the legal ambiguity of the legislation, as well as its potential to hinder reconciliation and adequately address the legitimate needs of Indigenous Australians.

Truth-telling and ongoing dialogue are vital to address the concerns held by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and forge a constructive path forward.

Be sure to watch the full episode for Wendy’s insightful perspectives.

Episode 08

In this compelling episode, Wendy Francis sheds light on the critical need for an urgent government inquiry into affirmation practices affecting gender-confused children.

With over 28,000 concerned Australians rallying behind a petition, demanding action from the government, the lack of response raises alarming questions.

Wendy Francis delves into the ethical implications that gender fluid ideology poses on children, teenagers, and women. She fearlessly addresses the consequences of denying scientific reality and how it affects our society.

Be informed and get engaged as Wendy sounds the alarm on gender ideology, discussing its far reaching impacts. Don’t miss this vital discussion that seeks to protect and advocate for the well-being of current and future generations.

Episode 07

Must watch! Alarming attempts by the government to forcibly takeover a public hospital in Australia’s national capital, EXPOSED.

In this crucial episode, Wendy Francis, ACL’s National Director of Politics, exposes the alarming attempts by the ACT government to compulsory acquire Calvary Hospital. Freedom of conscience and faith is at risk, and we cannot ignore it.

If the government succeeds with Calvary Hospital, there is serious concern, shared by many, as to which institutions could be targeted next across the country.

Together, we can make an impact to preserve our freedom of conscience, faith and the institutions that uphold them. Your unwavering support is vital.

Send a strong message to the government that we will not stand by and ignore such overreach.


Episode 06

In todays episode of Fridays with Francis, Wendy discusses the recent coronation of King Charles III and his commitment to serve a multi-faith nation.

The fundamental human right of religious freedom must be raised given the concerning rise of hostility towards people of faith in Australia.

Watch this weeks episode to be informed of the need for laws that protect religious freedom while avoiding the pitfalls of anti-vilification laws.

It’s crucial to stay informed and actively participate in ongoing dialogue and public debate, while advocating for the government to foster a culture of mutual respect for all.

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Episode 05

In this week’s episode of Fridays with Francis, we take a dive into history to discuss the freedoms that Australians may be taking for granted.

Between 1788 and 1868, about 1 in every 45 convicts transported to Australia from Britain and Ireland were political prisoners. These men and women brought with them the ideals of liberty, democracy, and republicanism, which have become ingrained in our national psychology and culture.

Their sacrifice meant our freedom and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

There are three areas of inquiry currently being undertaken by the Australian government:

  1. A review into Australia’s human rights framework.
  2. A new religious discrimination bill.
  3. An inquiry into religious schools and other educational institutions.

Protecting the freedom that we have inherited, and passing it on to our children, is worth fighting for.

Visit for more information.

Episode 04

Children should be able to enjoy the outdoors without being bombarded with sexualised advertising. In this episode Wendy talks highlights ACL’s advocacy on why “Outdoor Advertising Should be G Rated.”


Episode 03

Wendy discusses the concerning rise of Euthanasia in Australia as Australia’s federal and state attorney generals consider changes to federal legislation to allow patients to be assessed for assisted suicide by telehealth.


Episode 02

Wendy discusses the latest global trends in therapy for gender dysphoria, highlighting the fact that, in many ways, Australia is lagging behind and ignoring the science.

She also introduces an exciting new project for local libraries – Pastor’s Story Time.
Register your interest in participating in this initiative to bless our nation’s children.

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In the first episode of Fridays with Francis, hear Wendy’s insights on the Human Rights Born Alive bill that is currently being discussed in our federal parliament.

Support the Born Alive bill to help protect babies born alive in failed abortions and provide them with the protection and care they need.