Fridays with Francis

Introducing “Fridays with Francis”

A new ACL media series that takes a dive into the world of politics and culture with Acting CEO, Wendy Francis.

Each week, Wendy will bring you unique perspectives on important issues that impact us all, from the latest policy developments to cultural trends. “Fridays with Francis” will inform and empower you to stand for truth across the nation.

Latest Episodes

Episode 07

Must watch! Alarming attempts by the government to forcibly takeover a public hospital in Australia’s national capital, EXPOSED.

In this crucial episode, Wendy Francis, Acting CEO of ACL, exposes the alarming attempts by the ACT government to compulsory acquire Calvary Hospital. Freedom of conscience and faith is at risk, and we cannot ignore it.

If the government succeeds with Calvary Hospital, there is serious concern, shared by many, as to which institutions could be targeted next across the country.

Together, we can make an impact to preserve our freedom of conscience, faith and the institutions that uphold them. Your unwavering support is vital.

Send a strong message to the government that we will not stand by and ignore such overreach.


Episode 06

In todays episode of Fridays with Francis, Wendy discusses the recent coronation of King Charles III and his commitment to serve a multi-faith nation.

The fundamental human right of religious freedom must be raised given the concerning rise of hostility towards people of faith in Australia.

Watch this weeks episode to be informed of the need for laws that protect religious freedom while avoiding the pitfalls of anti-vilification laws.

It’s crucial to stay informed and actively participate in ongoing dialogue and public debate, while advocating for the government to foster a culture of mutual respect for all.

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Episode 05

In this week’s episode of Fridays with Francis, we take a dive into history to discuss the freedoms that Australians may be taking for granted.

Between 1788 and 1868, about 1 in every 45 convicts transported to Australia from Britain and Ireland were political prisoners. These men and women brought with them the ideals of liberty, democracy, and republicanism, which have become ingrained in our national psychology and culture.

Their sacrifice meant our freedom and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

There are three areas of inquiry currently being undertaken by the Australian government:

  1. A review into Australia’s human rights framework.
  2. A new religious discrimination bill.
  3. An inquiry into religious schools and other educational institutions.

Protecting the freedom that we have inherited, and passing it on to our children, is worth fighting for.

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Episode 04

Children should be able to enjoy the outdoors without being bombarded with sexualised advertising. In this episode Wendy talks highlights ACL’s advocacy on why “Outdoor Advertising Should be G Rated.”


Episode 03
Wendy discusses the concerning rise of Euthanasia in Australia as Australia’s federal and state attorney generals consider changes to federal legislation to allow patients to be assessed for assisted suicide by telehealth.


Episode 02
Wendy discusses the latest global trends in therapy for gender dysphoria, highlighting the fact that, in many ways, Australia is lagging behind and ignoring the science.

She also introduces an exciting new project for local libraries – Pastor’s Story Time.
Register your interest in participating in this initiative to bless our nation’s children.

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In the first episode of Fridays with Francis, hear Wendy’s insights on the Human Rights Born Alive bill that is currently being discussed in our federal parliament.

Support the Born Alive bill to help protect babies born alive in failed abortions and provide them with the protection and care they need.