Poker machines cause a great deal of social harm to vulnerable South Australians. Over $60 million is lost monthly on poker machines in South Australia, with a significant portion of this attributed losses suffered by women.

A. Do you support legislating for $1 bets?

B. What other measures do you support to help at-risk South Australians and their families?


Labor Party Position: No Labor members have answered the questionnaire.


SA Best Position:

There has been only one response from an SA Best candidate:

On 20 February 2018 Nick Xenophon the SA Best leader announced his party’s gambling policy:

  • To seek to reduce South Australia’s more than 12,000 poker machines by a third;
  • To seek to reduce the maximum bet to $1 per spin;
  • To introduce a ban on political donations from the gambling industry;
  • To reduce the maximum jackpot to $500.


The Greens Position:

No SA Greens candidate has answered the questionnaire. However the Greens would be pushing to phase out of pokies in pubs and clubs over five years: See