For release: June 25, 2010

The gay and lesbian rights lobby must prove that children already living in same-sex families are disadvantaged before denying a child the human right to both a mother and father is entrenched in NSW adoption law, the Australian Christian Lobby said today.

ACL’s NSW Director David Hutt said children born to a parent who was now in a same sex relationship should have any real or perceived disadvantage remedied without the need to change adoption laws.

“ACL does not wish to see any child disadvantaged. A raft of changes to Federal and State laws in recent years had dealt with discrimination affecting children in same sex families and if there were any remaining areas these should be looked at separately from adoption laws.

“However, it is important that where the State must intervene on behalf of babies and children that it ensures the human right to at least begin life with both a mother and a father is not expunged from our legal system and our culture,” Mr Hutt said.

“The rights of a child must always come before the lifestyle choices of adults,” Mr Hutt said.

“Despite all of the law reform of the past couple of years to assist same sex couples and their children from previous heterosexual relationships, it seems the selfish political agenda of the gay and lesbian rights lobby will not be satisfied until two men or two women are allowed to acquire babies or young children by adoption,” Mr Hutt said.

Mr Hutt said many people in NSW would be disappointed by Premier Kristina Keneally’s support for the bill.

“NSW politicians must show courage on behalf of our most vulnerable and ensure that every child in which the State has an interest has the human right to a mother and a father.”

Yesterday the independent member for Sydney, Clover Moore introduced a bill to legalise gay adoption. NSW Premier Kristina Keneally has granted Government MPs a conscience vote on the issue and has indicated her personal support for the bill. Opposition MPs have also been granted a conscience vote on the bill.

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