Female Gendercide is occurring in Australia and we should not behave in a willfully blind way towards this matter, warns the Hon Greg Donnelly, MLC in the New South Wales Parliament.

Globally, an estimated 100 million unborn babies have been deliberately killed because they are girls. While many are aborted before they are born, many girls have, and continue to be, killed at birth or neglected to the point where they die.

In his speech presented to parliament in August, Mr Donnelly said more needed to be done to uncover the practice of female gendercide in Australia.

“There is no question that access to relatively cheap ultrasound scanning technology used with malevolent intentions, has paved the way for this culling,” Mr Donnelly said in his speech.

“There is evidence that female gendercide is occurring to some extent in this state. Let me be clear, I am not claiming that it is a widespread practice, but it is taking place and it is about time that the matter was brought out into the public domain, thoroughly examined and challenged.

“The practice is deeply sexist, brutal, and utterly corrupts the moral fabric of our society,” he said.

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