The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is an annual event that attracts exceptional and engaging speakers for those seeking to cultivate their leadership skills. Michael Foulds from GLS says, “After being involved in the production of GLS in Canberra for 6 years I’ve never had anyone say it wasn’t worthwhile – in fact most people are amazed at the quality and applicability of the speakers and the fact it always seem to get better!”

On May 3, come to Hughes Baptist Church for a preview of GLS's potential in your life; whether you want to be a leader in an organisation or in your own family, the GLS can engage and excite you to step up to the plate.


The preview will consist of 5, 10 minute sessions from previous summits covering critical leadership themes. The event is absolutely free and begins at 7:30pm; supper will be provided afterwards. Please RSVP by May 1st to [email protected]

Preview Night Themes:

COURAGEOUS DECISIONS - Gary Haugen from ‘Just Courage’

CALL OF A LEADER - Harvey Carey from ‘Against All Odds’

DECISION-MAKING - John Ortberg from ‘A Leader’s Great Fear’

LEADER’S SOUL - Jeff Manion from ‘The Land Between’

CHARACTER - Andy Stanley from ‘Focused Leadership’