For release: Wednesday 23rd February 2011


Government should reject Australian Human Rights Commission’s suggestion to repeal Marriage Act


The Australian Christian Lobby is calling for Government to rule out repealing the Marriage Act after the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) confirmed the commission supported homosexual marriage.

Managing Director Jim Wallace said The Hon. Catherine Branson QC comments in Senate Estimates yesterday about supporting homosexual marriage in ‘broad terms’ as a way to remove discrimination, was not addressing the real issue behind the push for homosexual marriage, and perpetuated the myth there was discrimination against homosexual couples.

Ms Branson also reportedly flagged that the Marriage Act could be repealed.

“We do not see denying homosexuals’ marriage as an issue of discrimination. Discrimination was removed in 2008 when the Government gave homosexual couples the same entitlements as opposite-sex de facto couples,” he said.

“The reform amended 84 Commonwealth Laws in a wide range of areas including social security, medicare and educational assistance, providing equality under Commonwealth law.

“Nobody, including rights fundamentalists in the AHRC, can possibly present this as discrimination after these changes,” said Mr Wallace.

“Instead the Human Rights Commission should be seeking to protect the right of people of faith and others to see this time honoured institution, sacred to many, and deeply valued by many more across centuries and all cultures, protected from this ambit claim by activists

“It is important to the great majority of faiths and cultures that marriage remains between a man and a woman. We call for the Government, particularly when it has so recently reaffirmed diversity in its multi-cultural policy, to rule out repealing the Marriage Act,” he said.