1 September 2015

The Victorian Government’s decision today to support a ban on free speech around abortion clinics is based upon an incorrect assumption that harassment is occurring outside abortion clinics.

"The Sex Party's bill is to restrict freedom of speech, not abortion.

Mr Flynn said that the organisation ‘the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants’ has been operating within the bounds of the law for 20 years.

“The existence of the group deters extreme elements as they have a vested interest in reducing harassment. The group is known to local police for their peacefulness, compassion and exemplary conduct. To say that the core group’s conduct is ‘harassing’ is not factual.

“Over 300 mothers are thankful to the organisation for providing funds, help and information to those who never knew there was any other option. They want to continue to do so into the future, and they can’t do that while causing trouble for mothers and police.

“This Bill is a direct attack on liberal democratic values, in particular, freedom of speech and freedom of political communication. Freedom of expression is a human right guaranteed under the Victorian Charter of Human Rights.

“The true objective of this Bill is not to prevent obstruction, harassment or unlawful activity, but to gag those who hold a different view. The Bill prohibits behavior that is already covered by criminal statute.

“The Victorian Parliament should make law based upon fact, and to my knowledge they have not contacted the group to ask for a meeting with one of the saved children to ask their opinion”